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'The man's a genius!': Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman on Eddie Campbell

Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman have some very nice things to say about Eddie Campbell in a recent interview by David Barnett for the Guardian. 

Eddie Campbell is a genius. But don’t take my word for it, take Alan Moore’s. “Eddie’s is a genuine one-off talent, utterly idiosyncratic and personal,” he says. Or perhaps Neil Gaiman’s: “The man’s a genius, there’s an end to it.”

Some particularly great quotes from the article. This from Alan Moore:

Moore is as effusive with praise as he was 30 years ago, when he first spotted Campbell’s Ace Rock’n’Roll Club strips and gave them a glowing review in Marvel’s magazine Daredevils. “Eddie’s style, both his loose, impressionistic line and his approach to storytelling, was fresh, exciting and like nothing anyone had ever seen before,” he says. “Luckily he had someone as insightful and perceptive as me to explain that to everybody.”

And this one from Neil Gaiman:

Speaking from his “writing cabin” in New York state, Gaiman points out a shelf opposite his desk that contains only books he considers incredibly important; a collected edition of Campbell’s Alec strips sits on it. “I couldn’t compile a list of the most important graphic novels of the 20th century without including Alec on it. Eddie’s style is … ” He thinks. “Well, he doesn’t really have one single style. He’s an original. He draws from life.”

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