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Eddie Campbell explains why he's coloring From Hell for the first time

Eddie was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the soon-to-be-released Master Edition of FROM HELL.

“I got a phone call from the publisher, and they wanted to fluff out From Hell and do something new with it, possibly put it out again as a serial,” Campbell tells EW. “I thought that would only work if you do something drastically new, like colorize it. At first they were like, ‘That’s not gonna work, is it? It’s always been a black-and-white book.’ I said I’d show them a couple pages, and after that they said, ‘How quickly can we get this book on the shelves?’ That was in January, and we ended up with a September release date. I’m up to chapter 5 now. I’ve been working on this solidly for the last five months, and I’m quite excited about it.”

The interview includes a few exclusive images from the Master Edition. Click here to read the rest of the interview.

Announcing the "Master Edition" of Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell's FROM HELL

Jack is back — and this time, the blood is red.


For decades, the award-winning graphic novel FROM HELL has welcomed readers into the grandeur and grime of London in the late 1800s. The New York Times-bestselling opus is an achievement the New Yorker dubs “remarkable” and Entertainment Weekly calls “an immense, majestic work about the Jack the Ripper murders, the dark Victorian world they happened in, and the birth of the 20th century.”

Beginning in September, readers old and new will experience FROM HELL as never before. The FROM HELL Master Edition presents Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s Victorian masterpiece as a ten-issue serial, thoroughly restored and revised “for color, clarity, and continuity” by Eddie Campbell himself.

“The most dramatic change is the color, of course,” says Campbell. “I prefer the term ‘colorizing’ to ‘coloring’ since I’m not simply painting within the black lines, but reconceiving every panel to suit a full-color world. But I’ve also gone through and fixed small errors and minor flaws that have haunted me for decades. Ultimately the result is my equivalent of a ‘director’s cut’ of From Hell.”

From Hell is one of the greatest graphic novels ever made — the first comic I ever read that really opened my eyes to the possibilities of sophisticated writing and art in this format,” says Chris Staros, Editor-in-Chief of Top Shelf Productions. “It’s been one of the keystones of Top Shelf’s line for almost twenty years, and now it’s an honor to watch Eddie breathe a whole new life into this epic.”

Eddie Campbell discusses his process in greater depth and reveals an exclusive interior preview of From Hell: Master Edition in a new interview at Entertainment Weekly.

From Hell: Master Edition #1 (of 10) will be released exclusively through comic shops and digital retailers in September 2018. To find a comic shop near you, visit comicshoplocator.comor call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK.

'The man's a genius!': Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman on Eddie Campbell

Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman have some very nice things to say about Eddie Campbell in a recent interview by David Barnett for the Guardian. 

Eddie Campbell is a genius. But don’t take my word for it, take Alan Moore’s. “Eddie’s is a genuine one-off talent, utterly idiosyncratic and personal,” he says. Or perhaps Neil Gaiman’s: “The man’s a genius, there’s an end to it.”

Some particularly great quotes from the article. This from Alan Moore:

Moore is as effusive with praise as he was 30 years ago, when he first spotted Campbell’s Ace Rock’n’Roll Club strips and gave them a glowing review in Marvel’s magazine Daredevils. “Eddie’s style, both his loose, impressionistic line and his approach to storytelling, was fresh, exciting and like nothing anyone had ever seen before,” he says. “Luckily he had someone as insightful and perceptive as me to explain that to everybody.”

And this one from Neil Gaiman:

Speaking from his “writing cabin” in New York state, Gaiman points out a shelf opposite his desk that contains only books he considers incredibly important; a collected edition of Campbell’s Alec strips sits on it. “I couldn’t compile a list of the most important graphic novels of the 20th century without including Alec on it. Eddie’s style is … ” He thinks. “Well, he doesn’t really have one single style. He’s an original. He draws from life.”

Read the full article by clicking here.