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Getting the Goat Getters: A Conversation with Eddie Campbell

This short interview Mark Newgarden made with me with me has come out very nicely.

I’ve followed Eddie Campbell’s work since first encountering his autobiographically inclined Alec stories in Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury’s UK-based Escape anthology back in the early 1980s. More recently I was surprised to learn that aside from his own prodigious cartooning career, Campbell was a dedicated scholar of early American comics. And I was delighted by the long-awaited arrival of The Goat Gettersthis spring from IDW, which I initially devoured in one big long gulp. Here’s the poop: The Goat Getterscovers more fresh bases in comics history, and in more depth and with more thoughtfulness than a 21st century book has any right to do. Among other things, it’s a perfect companion to Krazy, Michael Tisserand’s definitive book on George Herriman, delivering further context and the visual goods that were by necessity in short supply in that exemplary biography.

Read the full interview on The Comic’s Journal by clicking here.

How a best-selling wife and husband enchant readers in the anthology ‘Bizarre Romance’

Michael Cavna recently interviewed Eddie and Audrey for the Washington Post

When it comes to using creative frameworks, the “Bizarre Romance” authors also thought in terms of music — specifically, the structure of an album.
The anthology’s 13 chapters, which are each very distinct in their visual styles, all “concern themes that I’ve been interested in all my life: love and loss, the ordinary and the fantastic, the relationship between art and daily life,” Niffenegger says. “When we collected them and began to think about how to shape them into a book, we started talking about albums and mix tapes, and how it would be great if each story had art that exactly suited it, like the instrumentation of a song, instead of trying to come up with one style that straitjacketed them all into conformity.
“I see one thing — a book — that’s bursting with ideas and styles and energy,” she says, “and a few themes that hold it all together.”
“Yes, it’s like a record album of songs. It’s as though we said, ‘Let’s go into the studio and lay down a few tracks’ or ‘bring along any stories you’ve got and we’ll make some comics,’ “ says Campbell, picking up the theme. “There’s an element of enjoying that for its own sake instead of having a big sensational revelation, like ‘My Granddad Was Jack the Ripper’ — a problem that bedevils ‘serious comics’ these days.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.

Bizarre Romance: Forbes Review

Robert Salkowitz interviewed Audrey and Eddie last week for Forbes magazine.

"What do you get when you combine best-selling author Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler’s Wife) and legendary independent comics maker Eddie Campbell (From Hell, Alec)? Bizarre Romance! And in more ways than one.

"Campbell and Niffenegger tied the knot in 2015 after being introduced by Campbell’s daughter Hayley via mutual friend Neil Gaiman. Now their personal collaboration has yielded a literary team-up as well, with the March 20 release of Bizarre Romance(Abrams Comic Arts), an anthology that mashes up prose, comics and illustrated stories written by her, drawn by him."

The full interview can be read by clicking here.