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Getting the Goat Getters: A Conversation with Eddie Campbell

This short interview Mark Newgarden made with me with me has come out very nicely.

I’ve followed Eddie Campbell’s work since first encountering his autobiographically inclined Alec stories in Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury’s UK-based Escape anthology back in the early 1980s. More recently I was surprised to learn that aside from his own prodigious cartooning career, Campbell was a dedicated scholar of early American comics. And I was delighted by the long-awaited arrival of The Goat Gettersthis spring from IDW, which I initially devoured in one big long gulp. Here’s the poop: The Goat Getterscovers more fresh bases in comics history, and in more depth and with more thoughtfulness than a 21st century book has any right to do. Among other things, it’s a perfect companion to Krazy, Michael Tisserand’s definitive book on George Herriman, delivering further context and the visual goods that were by necessity in short supply in that exemplary biography.

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