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Dapper John

Dapper John: In the Days of the Ace Rock ’n’ Roll Club follows the lives of a group of teddy boys in Southend in the 70s – characters who could mythologise their walk down the street before they got to the end of it. The stories are a direct precursor to Campbell’s Alec series and are essential reading for any Campbell fan.

Dapper John was an inspiration for John Constantine from Swamp Thing. And it was with Eddie Campbell that Moore created the magnificent From Hell. Eddie Campbell, of course, is now recognised as the one of the world’s most talented comics artists, with his Alec stories included in the Comics Journal’s list of the 100 most important comics published. His graphic novels The Fate of the Artist, Bacchus, and The Playwright have all drawn great critical acclaim.

Dapper John collects together all the Ace Club stories for the first time and supplements them with previously unpublished colour art, a survey of the 80s Fast Fiction scene with dozens of illustrations, an introduction written by Eddie Campbell and an exclusive interview on the creation of the Ace Club stories.

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